Riding on the Bike Bus

Riding on the Bike Bus

Bike Buses work sort of like yellow school buses, except they are a lot more fun.

Riding on your Bike Bus easy:

  • Every bike bus has a route with times. You can find your Bike Bus here.
  • Show up anywhere along the route, and join up as the bus comes by.

Common Questions

Do I need to register in advance?

Nope! Just show up and ride. However, bus captains always appreciate putting names to faces, so it doesn’t hurt to let them know.

What if I’m late?

If you’re a regular rider, you may want to get the phone number of the leader/captain. If you’re late, you can text them, and they’ll be happy to wait.

What if my bike breaks during the ride?

Captains have backup plans for when things go wrong, as they sometimes do. You won’t be stuck figuring it all out on your own. Don’t let the fear of bad luck discourage you from riding!

What if I can’t make the ride?

Sometimes a rider may have an issue going up or down a big hill, for example. This is handled just like a bike breaking down. Everyone will work together to get your kid to school on time.