Fixing Our Streets 3

Fixing Our Streets 3

Earlier today, FOUR Portland Bike Bus leaders were at City Hall supporting the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Fixing Our Streets 3 proposal. This is a continuation of the $0.10/gallon gas tax, passed in 2016 and 2020, that provides important street improvements, especially for schools.

Especially of note to Portland Bike Buses is that diverters are a specific type of modal filter PBOT will install. This is a real moment of maturity for PBOT and we commend them for calling out diverters, which are an important ask of our “Safer School Streets” letter.

Check out Sam Balto, of the Alameda Bike Bus, speaking at PBOT’s press conference:

Jessica Fletcher, of the James John Walking and Bike Buses, gave invited testimony:

Rob Galanakis, of Glencoe Bike Bus, giving public testimony:

Melissa Kostelecky, of the nascent International School Bike Bus, giving public testmony:

Great job Bike Bus leaders!