Running for local government? Ride the Bike Bus!

Running for local government? Ride the Bike Bus!

This year, Portlanders are electing a new City Council of twelve, a Mayor, four out of five Multnomah County Commissioners, and more.

If you’re running for office, we’d like you to see the streets through ours and our childrens’ eyes by riding on a Bike Bus, and see our perspective on child safety, health, and growth.

Typically on Wednesdays, Bike Buses are group rides where our young Portlanders roll to school together on bikes and arrive rosy-cheeked and ready to learn. Because our infrastructure is not safe enough for our kids (yet), adults put their bodies on the line to create space for kids to exercise this basic right of biking to school.

You can join one Bike Bus, all the Bike Buses in your district, or in the entire city.

Here’s how:

  • View this map to see which bike bus routes are in your district or interest you for other reasons.
  • Each school with a Bike Bus has a link on that map; if it has contact into, get in touch and schedule some time. If there is no contact info, email and we’ll make the connection.

We are committed to making this as inclusive as possible, so if there is any barrier (physical or otherwise) to you participating, we will work with you to figure out ways for you to join us.

You’ll see how we can make our streets safer for our kids and everyone else, meet families (parents vote!), and it’s pretty fun too.

Thanks for stepping up to run, and we hope to hear from you. Email if you have any questions!